NOLS résumé: Southwest Outdoor Educator

Dr. Nina Roberts is an associate professor at San Francisco State University and director of the Pacific Leadership Institute. An educator in the field of parks and recreation in varying capacities for nearly 30 years, Nina is nationally recognized for her research regarding race/ethnicity, culture, and visitation to national parks and other public lands.

With a mixed race background (white, East Indian and West Indian) she is constantly inspired to both speak and write about the value of cross-cultural connections. She currently serves on the Advisory Council for GirlVentures as well as the Center for Park Management. She is also a member of the National Park Service Centennial Steering Committee and research co-chair of the National Parks Promotion Council. Nina has been featured in Dudley Edmondson’s book, Black and Brown Faces in America’s Wild Places.

Nina is a Fulbright scholar, and her work provides leaders and managers in outdoor recreation, natural resource management, and environmental education with ideas and resources needed to respond more effectively to changing demographics, as well as cultural shifts and trends across the U.S.

A NOLS alumnus, she loves hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, and playing the djembe during her leisure time.